Plexus design system


Design, development, and transformation of Plexus' e-commerce user experience.


Sr. Manager, UX/UI: responsible for leading and contributing individually on a team of UX designers and content managers in an Agile scrum environment.



  • Improve user experience and usability of product
  • Define interface guidelines, styles, and components
  • Deliver a Plexus Design System "style guide"
  • Implement process efficiencies to reduce workload and speed-to-market


  • Perform audit and take inventory of existing brand assets
  • Design and develop re-usable system of styles and components
  • Build a design library that integrates with the codebase
  • Collaborate with Agile teams on implementation and the design-to-code workflow


25% reduction

Resource requirements


Passing accessibility standards



The project team identified goals, technical limitations, and processes. With approval obtained, the team set forth with an audit of the current design and development stack. Documentation was soon prepared, and Agile ceremonies began.

Spreadsheet of component audit

Current site audit

Screenshot of executive presentation

Executive presentation

Enrollment flow analytics

Agile scrum project (Jira)


The design system was crafted to include a more modern and aspirational look-and-feel. Foundational styles were updated, reducing emphasis on the non-interactive interface to highlight new content and the primary interactive elements.

From a technical standpoint, the team elected to remove Bootstrap and leverage Google's Material design components and the React framework. All styles, components, and coding passed WCAG AA standards.

Brand colors evolution diagram

Brand evolution, simplified

Color style swatches

Main color styles

Sticky notes on whiteboard

Primary interactive elements


With design assets ready for development, prototypes and the documentation site took form. A presentation of best practices was prepared and shared with executives and stakeholders announcing the launch.


The Plexus Design System remained an ever-evolving collection of styles, components, and content. Frequent updates were made, analyzed, and iterated upon.

Final designs

Home, Shop, and Checkout

Homepage screen with content
Product screen with content
Checkout screen with content

Page template mockups

Homepage screen template with components
Product screen template with components
Checkout screen template with components

Desktop homepage

Desktop screen template
Desktop screen with content